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    Real Estate Sales Tax as Part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act?

    I met with a very nice couple today who asked me if it was true that "Obamacare" legislation included a 3.8% "real estate sales tax" on all transactions. Apparently, this statement has been making the rounds as a "fact" since the legislation was passed.

    I was able to tell them that this is not quite (or not even close) to true. Continue reading

  • Waivers of liability do matter!

    I found the following interesting because of my interest in Animal Law, and because it shows that the waivers we sign when we participate in activities really matter! I have been asked to sign a liability waiver when participating in horseback riding and rafting, among other things.

    I have read the actual decision in this case, and quite frankly, if there was ever a justification for invalidating a waiver, they would have found it in this case. Continue reading

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